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a problem with the game after the update

I can not enter the game since the update. It stops all the time on the loading window. The event is over and I can not help my team. I'm missing parts for a new unit. please help Nick: HELLBOY_TP_NX

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Oui jai le même problème s'il vous plaît aidez moi


After the update of may 2019, my game stucks at the loading screen, and it wont open, i tried several hours of waiting, tried restarting the game, uninstall game, delete cash, nothing happens, always stucks on the loading screen.

Please help me with this issue.

Thank you ,


Good morning I have the same from Saturday and also can not enter the game. I do not know where the problem is, because notifications such as gifts or the end of the sub are displayed. probably some error in the game I am waiting for the answer of the support
Yeah Hellboy I have the exact same problem you do I can't imagine why they haven't addressed this issue by now how long do they expect us to just sit here and getting screwed out of the money we've spent on the 799 monthly fee the 30 days of 30 gold you supposed to get every day but you're not getting bulshit

Thank you for contacting League of War: Mercenaries Support!


We are sorry to learn that you were unable to load into the game.

The dev team is working to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.


We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to get this resolved.


Thank you,

League of War: Mercenaries Support

I'm having the same problem it sucks what is taking so long what are thy doing it seems that they don't care about us at all just fix the problem it's your job so fix it Drive Force ITM
download the update 23.05.2019 helped me
it works now the update did it
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