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Lost account

My account was called DEMON REBEL BS III it was last active a few months ago and this is the only way i could reach you because when i try post a ticket it wont take me to my email to send it and i tried sending a few tickets a week ago but i got no automatic response please help me recover my account it was linked to this email which I'm currently using

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Got new phone recently my old phone broke was not able to transfer my old account over to new phone for LeagueOfWar mercenaries name was STEELE and my alliance I was on was contract killers
My Account name Zack Ericsson.plase give me the Account.

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MY old account is not active please put my old account back on so I can play the game were I left off. Instead of having to start all over again. Thank you for your time and trouble.
My name was Marsblaster I was team Pac man This is the second time I lost all my achievements. Help!


lost Account 

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