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Shift to another device

Hi there I want to shift my game from ios to android .. fro. Iphone 6 g to huawe elite 10 ? I tried several times but it seems have some problem you cant transfer your game from ios to android so i need your help , advise or support please .. Regards Raza ariyo from kurdistan regieon of federal iraq..

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Hello Raza, i tried linking an account from iOS to Android, the system don't allow it. It will only allow iOS to iOS or Android to Android devices.. for some reason, i don't know why they won't allow it..hope this answers your question.. ☺ Sindolfo from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines Alliance: PH REBORN 

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Thanks alot for focusing.. munkyfun should force to solve this issue .. im in contract killer alliance ck.

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I tried to transfer my account from my broken tablet to my new phone and the game is trying to make me restart at lvl
I have this problem as well, however I'm trying to shift my data from an android to another android. Is this possible? And if so how do I do it?
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